This campaign is about working together and fighting to secure Minnesota's promise:  opportunities for all. I hope to earn your vote. ~ Lindsey 

About Lindsey

My name is Lindsey Port and I’m running for State Representative in 56B, covering parts of Burnsville and Lakeville. 

My husband Steve and I run our own small business, right here in Burnsville. As small business owners – we understand when to cut spending and how to make critical and smart investments to grow our business and build up our community. I’m proud of what we’ve grown together. I’m also proud that we invest in our employees with paid sick time, a needed benefit that too many working families of our district do not yet have access to. 

While serving on the ECFE Advisory Council in Lakeville – and as an active volunteer fighting for marriage equality in Minnesota – I’ve heard from thousands of neighbors all across our district about what’s important to them and how many common values we truly share: high quality public education, vibrant communities where everyday people and small businesses can thrive, policies that build for the longterm. 

I believe that if we work together, we can achieve common goals that strengthen our families and communities. I want to make critical investments and ensure workers have good jobs, paid family leave and sick time. That means fighting for better roads, universal pre-K and supporting new entrepreneurs. 

My husband, Steve, and I made our home here in Burnsville after the birth of our oldest daughter, Evelyn. Our roots deepened when we gave birth to our second daughter, Charlotte. I’ve seen the wonderful community and resources we have here in our district and yet how many of us struggle. When I think about our state, I ground myself in the hope I have for working hard to build the future I want for my kids. I look forward to learning about your hopes and struggles. I look forward to earning your vote.

Find high resolution photos of Lindsey on the campaign trail meeting with voters HERE.

What We're Fighting For
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A Vibrant Economy

We must protect opportunities for the middle class to be successful by passing equal pay for equal work, creating new job training and education programs and providing paid parental leave and paid sick days for all workers. We need a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity for success and where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

Good, Safe Commutes
Our roads and bridges are crumbling. In the short time my opponent has been in office she has shown more interest in tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations over fully funding badly needed repairs to our infrastructure. I support long-term, sustainable solutions to Minnesota’s transportation challenges because Minnesotans need to get to school, work or even run errands around the community as efficiently and safely as possible.

Reducing Property Taxes
We can’t continue to pass the buck down  to local governments and standby as property taxes continue to rise. The legislature needs to work together, fully fund initiatives on a state level and create a tax policy that puts families and small businesses first.

Working Together, Beyond Parties
Minnesotans are tired of politicians who either just say no or fail to compromise with both parties. Growing up in a Republican household – party labels don’t mean much to me. What is important is creating opportunities for affordable college, fighting for great schools and making sure our businesses can grow and compete.

Healthy Communities

Every family has a right to clean air and water, good basic healthcare and safe housing, even when times are hard. We should lower property taxes and allow the refinancing of student loans the same way people can refinance a mortgage.

Gun Violence Prevention
In 2014, at least 23 Minnesotans were killed in incidents of domestic violence. Over half of these murders were committed with a gun. As a state, we’ve made some great steps to protect women and families. But in domestic violence situations, guns are a game-changer and there are common sense solutions around background check loopholes that we just need to address. Ending the gun show loophole, keeping guns out the of hands of criminals and having sensible background checks can help reduce acts of violence.

Paid Sick Leave
As a small business owner I can attest that healthy, productive workers, are the best thing for our economy. Across Dakota County more than a quarter of employees have no sick leave. As a state – we need to make sure that we have a healthy and productive workforce.

Eliminating Economic Disparity
There are structural problems that are getting in the way of opportunity for so many families. Closing the achievement and employment gaps, investing in businesses owned by people of color and making sure families are safe and secure in their neighborhoods is vital to our economy and workforce. 

Prioritizing our Students

All-day kindergarten and pre-k will give students the tools they need to be educated and successful. We can strengthen the next generation by offering qualified Minnesota students free tuition for two years to a state community college.

Passing Early Childhood Education
We need all-day pre-kindergarten across our state. This will be beneficial for families – many of whom are households working two or three jobs. – and it will help Minnesota students get a head start over students in other states and countries. Making this happen at state level signals the priority students have in our state and ensures that programs are done right across the state.

Family Leave
The birth of a child, death of a loved one or even having to care for a sick family member is so important. The greatest expense business owners truly have is training new employees and the on-boarding process. I would rather have an experienced employee who is well cared for than a constantly changing work force. Minnesota needs to expand the opportunity for employees to care for their families and continue to work for great companies.

Higher Education Affordability
We need to pass laws that reduce the cost of college, help students and families with student debt and allow families to put school – not fear of debt first.

Join the Campaign

Lindsey was endorsed on Monday, October 24 by President Barack Obama. Read that endorsement HERE.

“I’m thrilled Lindsey is running. I’ve had a chance to talk to her about the seat, and I’m really impressed by both her knowledge and her passion. She will serve our community well.” Will Morgan, Former State Representative

“I had hopes that Roz Peterson would be able to rise above partisan ideology and work for our kids’ and community’s best interests, but instead she’s behaving like a career politician and playing political games. Lindsey will be breath of fresh air and a welcome change.”
Former Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School Board Member Sue Martin
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